Big contents, simple pagination

My desire was to create a simple layout to make room for content.

The text that goes with images

For me it was important that the image became the setting for the text.


Nature inspired

For this product catalog I tried transferring the colors of nature to the image of the product.

The featured product

The technical details were laid out in support of the image.


Different wines, different colors

For this project I was inspired to the different wines colors

White …

I assigned the color gold to the white wine

Rosé …

While I have given the pink to the rose wine

@asc_vivi il tuo spazio

The game of beauty

The children inspired me with their desire to play with colors; finally they produced a really nice game.

When simplicity is synonymous with beauty

I simply created a setting for an already beautiful scene.

I really enjoyed it

I think it was the best project that I have attended.