“Solidus”, symbol of solidity and strength.

Symbol and universality. In the middle ages the solid was referring to England to the shilling which was symbolized by a long s which then became getting the bar. A universal spelling sign in Western languages.

Solidus Capital Group LLC is a company incorporated in New York State that provides nancial advisory services to a clientele composed of companies and institutions operating in the nancial and industrial sectors residual.

Brand Mark

Size and colours

Landscape and usage


Remove the distance

Through the hug’s figure I wanted to convey the relationship between producer, consumer and product.

Case studies – 2 color

I really like that logo has the ability to convey the same idea with just two colors.

Case studies – 1 color

Or for printing needs, the same idea is expressed in a single color.

@mih_making it happen

Waves inspired

The logo was designed inspired by sea waves, like something constantly moving and with so much energy

Web mockup

For this interface I wanted to keep a clear and immediate navigation

Print mockup

As for the web including here I tried the ease & simplicity

@asc_arte suoni e colori

Art …

The concept of art is identified by a painter’s brush.

Sounds …

The concept of sounds from a treble clef.

and Colors.

While the concept of colors from a palette.

The final logo

The three concepts fused together.